Is Crowdfunding a Divorce the Latest Trend?

This may seem beyond the realm of possibility, but there’s definitely some serious truth to the rumor. It is now more than possible to crowdfund your divorce.

Plumfund, an online crowdfunding platform developed and created by Josh and Sara Margulis, recently created a section on their website titled “Divorce.”

If you’ve never heard of crowdfunding, it’s a very popular way to raise money for all kinds of things. Many people use crowdsourcing to raise money to develop a product, start a business, go on a honeymoon, raise money for a down payment on a new home in lieu of traditional wedding gifts, and much more.

Until now, nobody ever really thought about raising money via crowdsourcing for their divorce. But Sara Margulis recognized the value in having this option available. She realized money was often tight and people needed help as they suffer the trying experience of going through a divorce.

How Plumfund Decided to Add Divorce as an Option on Their Crowdfunding Registry

After being involved in the crowdfunding industry for so many years, Sara Margulies has pretty much seen it all at this point. But it took the devastating divorce of a close friend in order for her to realize the value of crowdfunding the aftermath of a divorce.

In fact, Sara unfortunately had to help out a close friend not that long ago. Her friend regrettably went through a nasty divorce, and at the end of the experience she ended up with nothing to show for it financially.

Yes, Sara’s friend was broke and completely wiped out after all of the expenses involved in the divorce proceeding and the incredibly difficult custody battle that went along with it.

But a mom has to do what a mom has to do to save her kids!

After this challenging experience, the mom in question was finding it nearly impossible to make ends meet. Sara, being the amazing friend that she is, realized that she could help her friend get back on her feet.

What did Sara do to help her friend?

Well, she did what she does best. She set up a crowdfunding page for her friend. And she helped her friend share her story and message with those closest to her.

Before long, people were coming out of the woodwork to aid this struggling mother. And it was truly amazing to watch all of these wonderful people lend a helping hand. It was a truly inspiring situation to say the least.

Asking for Help after a Divorce Is Hard

You may not want to admit it, but it’s often hard to get back on your feet after going through a vicious and expensive divorce battle. And if custody issues are also playing a part, you can expect the expenses to regrettably go through the roof.

That’s exactly what happened to Sara’s friend in our example above.

She went through a difficult and expensive divorce and had a really tough time asking people for help. She even felt ashamed because of the failed marriage and the inability to make it work.

It’s precisely at this point when those closest to us need our help the most.

Thankfully, Sara was smart enough to recognize the value of setting up a crowdfunding campaign for her friend. It made it very easy for her loved ones to reach out, lend a financial helping hand, while doing so during Sara’s friend’s most difficult time of need.

Is There a Fun Side of Divorce?

Not only are people setting of crowdfunding campaigns to help bounce back from the devastating effects of divorce; they are also creating campaigns to throw divorce parties.

Yes, going through your divorce isn’t easy. You deserve a party!

So set up a crowdfunding campaign and let your closest friends and family members help pay for it.

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